Why I'm taking a break from Wild Drives

Founder Lewis Nyman outlines his decision to put Wild Drives into hibernation

Lewis leaning against Eve and starting out to sea during sunset.

Why I'm taking a break from Wild Drives

Last year, I made the decision to put Wild Drives into hibernation.

I started Wild Drives motivated by my love of campervan travel, my passion for the environment, and my curiosity of new technology to make the world a better place.

Some of my fondest memories in life have been exploring and lazing around in my 2001 VW Transporter (aka "Arnie"). I wanted to share that experience with others, and I wanted to push the industry towards greener adventures, slower travel, and supporting local economies.

Reading this back I'm inspired all over again! Wild Drives did and still does have huge potential to achieve these goals. But the cost to me, and every aspect of my life, was too great.

I was never not working. And when I wasn't doing any of this, I was thinking about the long list that was only getting longer.

I was taking on additional contract work when I had time, to ensure I didn't fall behind on the monthly finance payments, which were significant (more details will follow in my year 2 financial breakdown). I've never been hugely motivated by money beyond what I need to live a low-stress existence and support my impulsive adventures. Taking on so much debt suddenly made money very very important and a source of looming stress.

I've never run my own business before. I'm not embarrassed to say I didn't envisage how difficult it would be. Sure, everyone knows it's hard, but this hard? You don't know until you know. I expected it would be a challenge but one I could manage. I know a lot more than I did before, especially about myself.

There are aspects to running a business that I am not naturally good at and I don't enjoy. Any of these activities would be fine in isolation, but throwing them all together in a big heap is not a good way to learn and focus. Founding a business on my own made it difficult to find perspective, focus, and motivation on a daily basis.

So when I saw a window to sell both campervans before the end of the summer of 2023, I instantly knew it was the right decision, painful though it felt at the time.

I'm extremely grateful for everyone who's supported me on this journey. Every customer who trusted me with their money and time, every friend, colleague, or family member who supported me and motivated me through some really low points.

I'm proud of what Wild Drives achieved in just one and a half years. Not only did it raise the profile of electric campervans, it gave people some beautiful memories they'll treasure for years. That gives me much more joy than a balance sheet or KPI report ever will.

I'm also proud of my decision to stop. I easily could have decided to throw more money, time, and energy into the company out of pride and fear of being judged a failure. The advice I'd tell anyone else in this situation is to prioritise their mental health, and their relationships.

I'm taking time out to recover from burn out and decide how I want my life to feel.

I'm certain Wild Drives will continue in another form. If you want to be part of that conversation, sign up here.

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Lewis Wild Drives CEO & Founder

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Lewis leaning against Eve and starting out to sea during sunset.

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Lewis Nyman outlines his decision to put Wild Drives into hibernation.

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